Our first association with a hospital or a severe condition occurs at the mention of IV therapy. While it is predominantly used in extreme cases, this has changed in recent years with modern medicine and on-the-go medical practitioners. Mobile IV therapy comes with many benefits, and after all, why shouldn’t healthcare be made more accessible?

Are you on the fence about getting mobile IV hydration or want to learn why people request mobile IV therapy? Kansas City has its very own Recovery Hydration Therapy, offering information on when one needs this easy-to-access procedure.

Colds and Stomach Flu

Those suffering from a cold are advised to drink lots of fluids and rest, and for good reason. When affected by a cold or a virus, our body tries to defend itself and defeat the intruder, thus expending energy and nutrients. If not replenished often, the cold or flu can last longer than necessary, significantly decreasing our quality of life.

While not a substitute for this condition, IV hydration can further aid the body’s defenders and speed the healing process, as vitamins and fluids are administered directly to the internal battlefield. This is especially important for those suffering from stomach flu – the most affected area is the gut, where the fluids we drink are absorbed. When the stomach is compromised, we cannot get the necessary electrolytes to eliminate the stomach virus.


Migraines have long puzzled clinicians and medical health professionals, but one thing is clear – they can seriously disrupt daily life. A migraine is not an ordinary headache and can last between a few hours and several days and comes with its set of issues. These include nausea, light sensitivity, fatigue, and general malaise – all conditions that make it difficult to keep yourself well-fed and hydrated.

Luckily, this is where mobile IV hydration can save the day (or even days, in this case). A cocktail of nourishing electrolytes, vitamins, and pain medicine is injected directly into the bloodstream, offering an easier way out of your migraine episode. While there isn’t necessarily an optimal time during the migraine to get your IV shot, a good idea would be at the onset of symptoms.


Hangovers are awful – that is a universal fact. While every adult is responsible for their alcohol consumption, that isn’t a reason not to get adequate care the day after. The usual recommendation is to drink lots of water, eat, and do some light movements like walking. This does not solve the hangover, but it’s merely surviving it, waiting for the body to process and eventually expel the alcohol from its system.

This expulsion can be made even faster with a hydration shot. While we carry the burden of drinking responsibly, no one should bear the consequences of the day after overdoing it. Requesting mobile IV therapy during a hangover is a good idea and a much-needed act of self-care. It usually includes a vitamin and hydration boost – both needed for returning to normal after a fun night.

Get Mobile IV Therapy in Kansas City

Whether you have a cold or the flu, a debilitating migraine, or the post-drinking blues, getting hydration therapy doesn’t have to be an act of luxury or something reserved only for serious issues. Getting mobile IV therapy in Kansas City is easy, and you’ll receive your IV hydration treatment within half an hour to an hour.

The conditions we listed aren’t the only services we offer. You can benefit from our athletic recovery package if you’re an athlete or lead an active lifestyle. We also provide a nourishing cocktail of vitamins and electrolytes to help your body be in its best shape while performing.

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