Hydration Therapy Services in Kansas City

Hangover Therapy $120

Replenish and alleviate the effects of dehydration from overindulgence. Our combination of IV fluids, anti-inflammatory medication, anti-nausea, and vitamins will provide rapid relief of a hangover. Reclaim your day in a more time efficient manner.

Extreme Hangover Therapy $185

For those that need a little extra beyond the standard hangover treatment. Receive 2 liters of IVFs, additional vitamins and minerals, and medication if needed for nausea and headache.


Cold and Flu $135

When combating the common cold and flu it is often difficult to drink oral fluids. IV hydration therapy expedites the recovery process and replaces lost volume beyond what is capable with oral hydration. In addition we replace essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to boost the immune system. A combination of anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medicine will combat the systemic effects that are often experienced during the flu and other common cold syndromes.

Athletic Performance and Recovery $135

Whether you are a weekend warrior or avid athlete you will benefit from our ultimate combination of hydration, vitamins and minerals. This combination restores energy, improves recovery times, and prevents healthy cell damage. Pre-event hydration can help avoid cramping, improve energy, recharge the immune system, and convert fats and carbohydrates to fuel. If you happen to push yourself beyond your natural threshold we are here to expeditiously restore your volume, electrolytes and minerals.

Migraine Relief $145

Migraine headaches can be debilitating. Trips to the Emergency department are expensive and often time consuming. We can provide rapid relief of your headache using a “cocktail” of medications that has been proven effective by medical studies. We combine intravenous fluids, anti-inflammatory medication, magnesium sulfate, anti-nausea and histamine blocker. This is an extremely effective treatment option that can be given in the comfort of your home. This will allow you to return to your busy, often hectic, lifestyle in a timely manner.

Fatigue and Jetlag $135

The humidity levels in airline cabins are below those of most desert climates. The lack of humidity, which breaks down mucus barriers, combined with the re-circulated air makes you more susceptible to infections. Combine the for-mentioned travel conditions with poor diet and lack of oral hydration that often accompanies travel, it is no wonder that dehydration, fatigue and infection often ensue. Our intravenous therapy, vitamins and minerals will rapidly reverse these effects and get you back to enjoying life whether it is home or abroad.

Additional Products



  • Vitamin B Complex (add to any treatment) -$25
  • Magnesium (add to any treatment)- $10
  • Calcium (add to any treatment)- $25
  • Additional Liter of IVFs -$25
  • 1 Liter of IVFs only – $80
  • Vitamin C Infusion- $35
  • Group Discounts- Inquire for more information

Recovery Hydration Therapy, INC is staffed by physicians and paramedics. We are trained in recognizing critically ill patients. We reserve the right to refuse treatment to anyone and may recommend you seek care from a primary care physician or emergency department. We will assist you in getting the appropriate care you need. At times, due to medication shortages, certain therapy combinations may have to be altered. You will be notified if this situation should occur. Our priority is providing care to you, to replenish and restore your body to its optimal state of well being.