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Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday!

$20 off all treatments!


Boosting Hydration With IV Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin Booster Membership $330 per month

Membership includes two (2) Vitamin Booster treatments per month, 15% off an additional liter and add-ins, such as medications and other vitamins/ minerals. Membership must be on auto-pay with a 3-month minimum commitment.

Boosting Hydration With IV Vitamin Therapy
Hangover Bundle IV Therapy

Hangover Bundle: Buy 3 for $110 each

Hangover Bundle: Buy 6 for $100 each

Replenish and alleviate the effects of dehydration from overindulgence. Our combination of 1 liter of IV fluids, headache medication, and anti-nausea medication will provide rapid relief of a hangover. Now including Vitamin B at no additional cost. Reclaim your day in a more time efficient manner. Value one (1) year from date of purchase.

New IV Therapy Patient

$10 OFF New Patient Special

Trying Recovery Hydration Therapy for the first time as a new patient? Receive $10 OFF your first treatment of your choice.

New IV Therapy Patient

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Recovery Hydration Therapy, INC is staffed by physicians, nurses and paramedics. We are trained in recognizing critically ill patients. We reserve the right to refuse treatment to anyone and may recommend you seek care from a primary care physician or emergency department. We will assist you in getting the appropriate care you need. At times, due to medication shortages, certain therapy combinations may have to be altered. You will be notified if this situation should occur. Our priority is providing care to you, to replenish and restore your body to its optimal state of well being.