About Recovery Hydration Therapy in Kansas City

Recovery Hydration Therapy specializes in IV fluid therapy. Our services integrate a unique blend of intravenous fluids, medications, vitamins, and minerals, specifically formulated to alleviate common ailments, and enhance overall health and wellness. Our company is spearheaded by two board-certified physicians boasting over 30 years of combined medical experience.

We administer a range of tailored therapies aimed at addressing specific symptoms and conditions. Each treatment is safely and effectively delivered by our team of experienced, board-certified physicians, paramedics, and nurses, ensuring the highest standard of care.

Replenishing and restoring your health has always been the goal of Recovery Hydration Therapy, aiming for optimal health, performance, and well-being. We provide unparalleled care, combining IV fluid therapy with pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and minerals for rapid and effective relief.

Based in the heart of Kansas City, our primary service area extends 20 miles around our downtown corporate office located at 107 W. 9th Street, Second Floor, KC, MO 64105. Covering the greater Kansas City area in both Missouri and Kansas, we also offer services beyond this range for a nominal additional fee of $1 per mile.

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  • North Kansas City
  • Liberty
  • Independence
  • Lee’s Summit
  • Blue Springs
  • Excelsior Springs
  • Gladstone
  • Parkville
  • Johnson County, KS
  • Kansas City, KS

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