Hangover IV Therapy Kansas City

Hangover Therapy Package – $120

Replenish and alleviate the effects of dehydration from overindulgence. Our combination of IV fluids, headache and nausea medication, and vitamins will provide rapid relief of a hangover. Reclaim your day in a more time efficient manner.


Hangover Therapy Package

You seem to remember having a great time in Kansas City last night, but the details are pretty fuzzy. There’s a horrible taste in your dry mouth and drinking water just does nothing but make you nauseous. Every time you try to focus, the images in front of you are blurred by the piercing pain in your head. Your body is sore, your stomach is in knots and somehow you’ve got to get out into the world and face the brutal sun pounding into your dry eyes.

You’ve got a hangover. You promised yourself you’d never do this again, but here you are. You can’t afford to waste another day in bed recovering; you’ve just got too much life to live. Your past experience has shown you that none of the home hangover treatments get you fully back on your feet. Black coffee? Just dehydrates you. Hair of the dog? Sets you up for another bad day. Drinking Gatorade? Makes you nauseous and bloated. And all that eating a greasy breakfast seems to do is send you under the sheets for an achy, daylong nap.

How To Recover From a Hangover

Luckily, hangover treatment in Kansas City is quick, easy and just a phone call away! Recovery Hydration Therapy offers unparalleled relief in 30 minutes with our Hangover Therapy Package. Get fast relief from the effects of dehydration from overindulgence in alcohol with our IV rehydration service. Our board certified professionals provide you with a combination of IV fluids rich in minerals and electrolytes, headache medication, anti nausea medication and vitamins to provide rapid hangover recovery. You’ll get the chance to reclaim your day without delay and go back to promising yourself you’ll “never get this drunk again.”

Best Of All We Travel To You

You can call us at 816-877-6186 or book an appointment online to schedule time for your Hangover Therapy Package. Simply give us the address of your home, hotel or office and we will bring relief directly to you! We provide hydration delivery services to the greater Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas area!

Beat Your Hangover Before It Happens!

Are you looking forward to going out in Kansas City and don’t want to deal with the morning blues? Get ahead of it by scheduling our Vitamin Booster Package before you hit the town.


Do You Have a Severe Hangover? Check Out Our Extreme Hangover Therapy Package!