Mild Hangover Therapy in Kansas City


Mild Hangover IV Therapy Kansas City

Mild Hangover Therapy – $100

You’re up early, you’re staring at your breakfast and you’re trying to focus on the important meeting or presentation you have at work today. But your mind keeps wandering to the dull ache behind your eyes. Your stomach is burning and you’re reminded of taste of your last drink every time you burp. You try to think about your work schedule, but the images of your office keep blurring into images of the great time you had last night. Your body just won’t let your next day begin because your last night was just a little too much fun.

Today is just too important to suffer through a mild hangover. You need to be sharp. You need to be focused. You need to be your best, and you need it fast.
What can you do?

Mild Hangover Treatment In Kansas City Is Just A Few Clicks Away!

Even a mild hangover can keep you a step behind for a full day or more. Your day is just too important to be anything but your very best. If you’re dealing with a headache, nausea or sluggishness from alcohol dehydration, Recovery Hydration Therapy has the cure. Try our quick, Mild Hangover Therapy and get fixed up fast! Our 30-minute treatment will quickly flush out the toxins keeping your brain and body from performing it’s very best and replace them with the electrolytes and nutrients it needs to function normally.

Call our office at 816-877-6186 or click here to book online to schedule a special treatment. Our combination of mineral rich IV fluids and your choice of headache relief or anti nausea medication will provide rapid relief for your mild hangover and get you sharp, focused and ready to attack your day.

We Deliver Relief!

Our board certified professionals can offer you IV hydration relief directly to you. Schedule a mild hangover cure and we will come to you. We provide IV therapy services to the greater Kansas City region and it’s surrounding areas.

An Ounce Of Prevention…

Are you looking forward to going out in Kansas City during the workweek and don’t want to deal with the effects the next day? Get ahead of it by scheduling our patented Vitamin Booster Package before you party. Or simply schedule a Mild Hangover Therapy treatment the night before, and we can patch you up as soon as you’re awake.

If things are a little more serious, ask about our Hangover Therapy Package or our Extreme Hangover Therapy Package to get you back on your feet.


Do You Have a Severe Hangover? Check Out Our Extreme Hangover Therapy Package!