Extreme Hangover Therapy in Kansas City

Extreme Hangover IV Therapy Kansas City

Extreme Hangover Therapy Package – $170

Words simply can’t express the misery that is an extreme hangover. Your head is spinning from the moment you open your eyes in the morning. Your mouth and eyes are bone dry. Your body is sore and your muscles barely feel like they can support your weight. You try to stand up, but any movement makes you nauseous. And the headache that’s pounding in your head is unlike any pain you’ve felt.

You wish you hadn’t let your night get away from you. You pray for a higher power to take the sun away. You jump at any sudden noises and you cry for the agony that is tearing through your body and mind. When you’re this hungover, you can’t even remember what it felt like to be healthy and you wonder if you’ll ever feel right again.


Hangover Treatment In Kansas City Is Just a Few Moments Away

You don’t have to suffer for much longer. Recovery Hydration Therapy takes your health and well-being seriously, and we specialize in extreme hangover treatments. Call us at 816-877-6186 or schedule our Extreme Hangover Therapy Package online. Whether you’re at home, at a hotel or in your workplace we will come directly to you, bringing fast hangover recovery administered by our board certified medical professionals.

Our Extreme Hangover Therapy Package is safe and highly effective in combatting the effects of dehydration brought on by overconsumption of alcohol. You’ll receive an IV treatment including 2 liters of mineral and electrolyte rich IV fluids. Included in the infusion will be medication for nausea, medication for headache, a multi-vitamin infusion and a powerful dose of magnesium. This IV cocktail will be administered carefully and monitored by a physician, paramedic or nurse who specializes in how to recover from a hangover.


Every Patient Is Different

Our hydration specialist will tend to your needs until your hangover is under control and you’re functioning normally. Your treatment can be customized according to your specific symptoms or the severity of your condition with the inclusion of additional fluids including:

  • Migraine relief
  • Fatigue
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Additional magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C
  • An additional liter of IV fluid

Don’t Suffer a Moment Longer Than You Need To

Recovery Hydration Therapy Serves the greater Kansas City region and it’s surrounding areas.


For those that need a little extra beyond the standard hangover treatment. Receive 2 liters of IVFs, multi-vitamin infusion, magnesium,  and medication for nausea and headache.