Recovery Hydration, Kansas City, the first and only completely mobile IV hydration service, will be on site at the expo and ready to help Hospital Hill marathon runners outpace dehydration and the effects of extreme exertion. We can even come to runners at their residences for treatment after the race in the comfort of their own homes.

Recovering from running a marathon can be daunting for even the most experienced of runners. Cramps, fatigue, sore muscles, and even a compromised immune system are just a few of the issues that runners experience. Proper hydration is key both before and after a marathon for optimal performance and recovery.

IV vs. Oral Hydration

Most runners agree that the faster you can rehydrate, the shorter your recovery time. Yet trying to drink the amount of fluid necessary to replenish is hard to accomplish after a tough race.

Diminished blood flow to the stomach often causes a diminished ability to both digest and absorb nutrients. If the fluids even stay down, fewer nutrients are absorbed. IV hydration therapy allows your body to accept greater amounts of fluid and nutrients quickly, resulting in a shorter and less severe recovery period.

IV hydration before and after an event is an effective plan that allows for the quicker absorption of the proper balance of fluids and nutrients. Determining how much to drink both before and after an extreme event can be difficult. Drink lots, but not too much – where’s the science in this?

Because each one of us is different, there is no perfect amount. If you drink too much, there is the danger of hyponatremia (over-hydration). Hyponatremia shares many of the same symptoms as dehydration but is much more difficult to treat. Switching to IV hydration administered by pros can help you manage your hydration for both optimal health and performance.

Recovery Hydration Therapy

Now in its 44th year, Hospital Hill is an historic race in our city and Recovery Hydration Therapy is excited to help participants.

Board-certified physicians, paramedics, and nurses who can tailor your pre- or post-marathon care for specific symptoms conditions and symptoms administer the mobile unit that will be stationed at the expo. It’s our goal to revitalize you by alleviating the cumulative effects of post-marathon dehydration with mineral, vitamin, and electrolyte-infused fluids.

Make Recovery Hydration Therapy part of your new post-marathon ritual. It’s actually relaxing to step into the luxury mobile unit and refresh for the 30 minutes to one hour the process takes.

See you at the expo and after the Hospital Hill Run!