Dehydration is one of the primary migraine triggers, and a common advisory by medical health professionals is to consume more water and fluids to prevent an episode. While its importance cannot be overstated, dehydration is not only a trigger, but it can also show up as a symptom. Dehydration is an issue during migraine episodes in different ways, not all of them because of (lack of) care taken during the prodrome.

Migraines come in various forms – some of them even painless. They all have a different relationship to fluids and their retention or loss. We will examine how dehydration can appear before, during, and after migraines. If you experience a migraine episode in Kansas City, IV therapy can offer relief during your episodes.

Prodrome Migraines

In some cases, one of the earliest signs of a migraine is frequent urination. While the reason for this is yet unknown, the result is clear – excessive urination leads to dehydration. Dehydration then acts as an additional migraine trigger and worsens symptoms in the other stages of an episode.

Getting an IV boost of hydration can be a good idea If you’re catching yourself going to the bathroom more frequently and suspect an episode is arriving. IV hydration therapy can increase the effective amount of electrolytes in the bloodstream, making further symptoms easier.

Abdominal Migraines

While more prevalent in children, abdominal migraines can show up alongside the usual migraine symptoms in adults. What’s different about these migraines is the stomach issues they come with. This involves a near complete or slowed-down processing of food and fluids taken in while the episode is active. This can make it hard for migraine sufferers to get the needed electrolytes and hydration, thus increasing the severity of both the headache and abdominal pain.

IV hydration therapy bypasses the stomach to help you get the needed nutrients into your bloodstream directly. This has the positive side effect of easing your migraine symptoms, allowing bodily functions to resume work as usual.

Headache and Postdrome Stage Difficulties

IV hydration treatments don’t have to be limited to preventative measures. Migraine episodes have a timespan that can last for days, and the headache and postdrome stages can make it difficult, if not impossible, to function. Having the occasional IV treatment can help during these troubling times, offering relief and a crutch to get you to the end of your migraine episode more easily.

It is important to remember that this only provides temporary aid. It’s important to take the time to rest during a migraine episode for a full recovery properly.

IV Treatment Benefits Everyone

Migraine sufferers aren’t the only ones who benefit from our services. Some types of flu, like the stomach flu, can make hydration difficult and even impossible when it’s necessary for recovery. Or the reason might not even be a severe one. If you’re a dedicated athlete in Kansas City, IV therapy can boost your performance with needed electrolytes and vitamins and ensure shorter muscle fatigue after strenuous exercise.

Recovery Hydration Therapy offers highly skilled professional medical staff, whether you need migraine relief or a hydration boost for a hot summer day.

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