Heat exhaustion is no joke, and it can happen to anyone. One of the most common ways people get heat exhaustion is by spending extended periods outside when it is hot – especially when exercising. However, one can also get heat exhaustion while inside a building or car if the area is not temperature controlled. Heat exhaustion causes dizziness, nausea, headache, heavy sweating, faintness, muscle cramps, and low blood pressure. It’s important to note that heat exhaustion is more common in children and older adults. Therefore, it is essential to watch your loved ones for these symptoms after physical activities or while outside on a hot day. While heat exhaustion is dangerous, there are ways to quickly and effectively treat it.

Hydration Therapy

What is hydration therapy? It is an IV treatment that replenishes your body with fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins that will get your body feeling better in no time. Hydration therapy for heat exhaustion causes many to feel back to themselves by the end of the treatment because it’s more efficient and effective than oral therapies when supplying vitamins and minerals. If you have heat exhaustion and are looking for IV fluids in Kansas City, Recovery Hydration Therapy offers multiple options to serve your particular needs best. You can customize your therapy to include vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, Vitamin C and a Vitamin B6 complex which includes B12, with the IV fluids to help decrease nausea, replenish your body, and give you energy quickly.

Other Treatments

In addition to hydration therapy, make sure to remove tight-fitting clothing and get to a cool, shaded area immediately if you are suffering from signs of heat stroke. You can also speed up the cooling process by covering yourself with cold, wet cloths or ice packs. It’s imperative to treat heat exhaustion as soon as you see signs of it. Make sure you cool down and re-hydrate as quickly as possible.

If you need an extra boost to overcome your heat exhaustion, make an appointment with Recovery Hydration Therapy today. We’ll make sure to give you quality care and will have our licensed professionals come to you. In addition to our heat exhaustion IV treatments, we also have a variety of other services to fit your re-hydration needs.