Fight The Heat With Recovery Hydration Therapy

Heat exhaustion in Kansas City is nothing to laugh about. Over the years, we have seen it affect plenty of people in the summer. July and August, especially, are the months when people like to spend time outside attending Hot Country Nights every Thursday night from June to August, and Red, White, and Boom, happening this year on July 15.

For people planning to spend any time outside at these events or others this summer, we suggest keeping the following hydration therapy tips in mind.

Preventing Heat Exhaustion

Prevention is always the best course of action. Wearing loose, lightweight clothing can help keep the body’s core temperature from rising. It is also a good idea to put on plenty of sunscreen, find some shade and avoid “hot spots,” including parking lots, gravel roads, rooftops, etc.

As always, the old mantra about drinking plenty of liquids really will help prevent a trip to the emergency room.

Healing Heat Exhaustion

One of the most interesting facts about heat exhaustion is that it’s not always readily apparent that the person has suffered an injury. Dizziness, fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, etc. may not appear until the day after.

If these symptoms appear, then hydration therapy is the best path to heat exhaustion recovery.

IV Hydration Therapy helps put people on the fast track to recovery. In fact, most people feel the full effects of the therapy within 30 minutes to 1 hour. Once the IV is inserted, it replaces lost fluids and vital minerals within the bloodstream faster than oral therapies.

The treatment can also be custom crafted to give the body everything from additional magnesium and calcium to a touch of Vitamin B complex. These can provide an energy boost and help the body heal after everything from the Hospital Hills Marathon to a concert festival.

Of course, dehydration and heat exhaustion are not reserved solely for people spending time outside this summer. It can occur while traveling or while sitting in an office without air conditioning. It can happen while recovering from a cold or the flu or after a long night on the town bar-hopping with friends.

When it happens, we’ve witnessed firsthand just how quickly IV Hydration Therapy gets our patients back on their feet again.

Recovery Hydration Therapy

Our hydration therapy can help you bounce back from heat exhaustion in Kansas City. When it comes to heat exhaustion recovery, no one does it better or faster than the team at Recovery Hydration Therapy.

The next time you start to feel dehydrated, give us a call at 816-877-6186 and we will schedule a time for our mobile van to drop by to put you on the road to recovery and full hydration.