Is mobile IV therapy new to your vocabulary, or something you’ve heard your friends talking about? Regardless if it’s new or not, here are 10 things you should know about this fantastic treatment.

It’s Mobile!

Recovery Hydration Therapy delivers our IV fluids to your home, office, gym, hotel, or wherever you need relief. Board certified experts, who are specially trained to deliver IV fluids in Kansas City and the surrounding areas, administer all treatments wherever you are most comfortable.

IV Therapy Is Nothing New

Hospitals have been administering vitamins, nutrients, and sterile hydration solutions to patients intravenously for a very long time. That’s why medical professionals don’t hesitate to recommend hydration therapy to counteract the effects of dehydration and nutrient deficiency.

It Doesn’t Hurt A Bit

Ok, there’s a needle involved, and some people don’t like those very much! Once you get past that initial sting, though, hydration therapy is a breeze. You can read a book, play with your smartphone, or watch TV and make the treatment go by even more quickly.

Hydration Therapy Could Be More Efficient Than Drinking Water

Emergency rooms across the country immediately connect someone suffering from dehydration to an IV bag with potassium and electrolytes in a sterile solution. Affectionately called “banana bags,” these treatments can eliminate some of the uncomfortable effects of a hangover in mere minutes whereas liquid consumed orally doesn’t get absorbed as quickly into the bloodstream and, in extreme cases, may not be absorbed at all.

It’s Fast

Really fast! If you’re suffering from severe dehydration, fatigue, migraine, or a nutrient deficiency, Recovery Hydration Therapy can fix you up quicker than you can say, “What is hydration therapy?”

IV Therapy Isn’t Just For the Rich and Famous!

Gone are the days when fast dehydration relief was only available for those with above-average means. IV therapy with Recovery Hydration Therapy is affordable for all and just as effective as an expensive hospital visit.

You Can Beat A Hangover

Alcohol-induced dehydration is the principal cause of hangovers, and no amount of aspirin, greasy food, or Gatorade will replace an infusion of intravenous fluids and electrolytes directly into the bloodstream. You can even schedule a Hangover Recovery Treatment with us BEFORE you drink to avoid a hangover’s devastating effects.

You Don’t Need To Be Sick To Benefit From IV Treatments

IV Treatments are available to athletes wishing to improve their performance, people wishing to experience more energy throughout their day, travelers hoping to avoid jet lag, and people who want to perform at their best.

You’re In Charge

You can customize your Hydration Therapy in any way you’d like. You can add extra nutrients, vitamins, minerals, or an extra bag of hydrating solution to your treatment.

Hydration Therapy Could Relieve Your Allergy Symptoms

The secret is out – Hydration Therapy may help you survive allergy season in Kansas City by keeping your immune system in top shape and eliminating free radicals from your body. So what are you waiting for? Schedule an allergy therapy session with Recovery Hydration Therapy today!