We all like to let loose every once in awhile. Regardless if it’s a ladies night out, a bachelor party for your best friend, or a sporting event, the next day can be rough when alcohol is involved. This time of year is especially notorious for food and alcohol consumption higher than normal with all of the holiday celebrations and festivities with friends, family, and co-workers.

Make use of this time to get to know your coworkers better and celebrate the end of another year. If your company is awesome enough to throw a holiday party every season, it’s extremely important to heed the warning signs early on. It’s nice to have fun, but showing up fresh for work the next day is an essential part of maintaining a professional appearance.

The last thing anyone wants is a hangover at work. Not only is it unsafe to drive to work in the morning with alcohol potentially still running through your system, but sitting in front of a computer all day or talking to customers while resisting the urge to run to the bathroom is pretty miserable. Follow these steps to make sure you aren’t the next victim of an office holiday party disaster and you are able to show up for work the next day:

  • Make sure to eat before the event, even if food will be provided;
  • Get everything ready for the next day like lunch, outfit, computer bag, etc., before you leave the house for the night;
  • Be sure to drink water throughout the night;
  • Schedule an on-site hydration therapy service.

Always make sure to drink responsibly when going out for an office holiday party. No matter how careful you are, you may wake up the next morning feeling a little worse than you anticipated. It’s better to be prepared ahead of time and schedule an on-site hydration therapy service, so that you can return to work as alert and recovered as possible. Recovery Hydration Therapy in Kansas City is always there to make sure you show up to work the next day refreshed, healthy, and out of trouble.

Hydration therapy helps you avoid the embarrassment and misery of a hangover at work. With three options ranging from $100-$180, rid the toxins from the night before with a combination of IV fluids, headache and nausea medication, and vitamins with an on-site Recovery Hydration Hangover Therapy Package. Contact us at (816) 877-6186 for more information. Now go celebrate and happy holidays!