With the holiday season upon us, most people will be indulging in fun activities with friends and family. These activities will most likely involve consuming alcohol as we enjoy spending time with one another in Kansas City.

One of our biggest enemies this holiday season is the hangover. Indeed, drinking too much the night before can cause you to wake up the next morning feeling like you got hit by a bus. So what are some of the most common causes of a hangover and how can you avoid them?

Common causes of a hangover

Drinking too much

Of course, you should know that the more you drink, the more intense the hangover is likely to be. Consuming too much alcohol will cause your body to struggle while digesting all the ethanol that you ingested. Some people can drink more without waking up feeling sick, and others only need a few drinks to have trouble surviving the holidays.

Drinking on an empty stomach

Most people make the mistake of going to a holiday party on an empty stomach. Hangovers are related to how you metabolize alcohol, and eating foods that are rich in protein, carbs, and fat can help you metabolize alcohol better. If you want to know how to survive the holiday celebration season, make sure you eat before you drink.

Smoking while drinking

Various studies have shown that smoking along with drinking can make your hangover more severe. It could be due to the added pressure that smoking exerts on the body. Whatever the reason, cut down on the smokes while drinking.

Hangover cure remedies

After a night of drinking in Kansas City, there are several steps you can take to minimize the severity of a hangover.
Drink plenty of water

Water allows you to prevent dehydration after a night of drinking. An important part of staying-safe during the holidays is to take water in-between drinks before you sleep, and when you wake up in the morning.

Eat the right foods in the morning

As part of our holiday survival-guide, make sure you eat a healthy-and-nutritional breakfast the morning after drinking. Eggs are great for reducing headache-causing symptoms, and vitamin-rich recipes can improve your blood-sugar levels.

How Recovery Hydration Therapy can help

We can’t always control what happens after a night out drinking. An important part of staying safe during the holidays is always consulting recovery-hydration-therapy when things go wrong.

Hydration therapy can deliver essential fluids-directly into the bloodstream-and-assist the body to digest chemicals and get rid of toxins. When the hangover gets to severe, contact Recovery Hydration Therapy to get you out of the woods.