As hard as it is to believe, the flu season is upon us yet again. The days of blissful summer warmth and health are almost gone, and that is why it is essential to brush up on preventative measures you can take to avoid getting the dreaded influenza virus. No one wants to be holed up for days sneezing and coughing with chills and body aches, so we’ve made a list of flu prevention steps you can take to try and keep the flu away.

How to Prevent the Flu

  1. Wash Your Hands with Soap and Water: Though this seems simplistic, washing your hands thoroughly can save you from a variety of illnesses, especially the flu. The flu virus likes to sit on things such as countertops, doorknobs, and other frequently used areas so washing your hands regularly will wash those pesky microbes away.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Keeping your body healthy and hydrated does wonders for your immune system and overall health. When you are healthy, it is easier to either not catch the flu at all or at least get over it more quickly. Therapies such as IV therapy from Recovery Hydration Therapy can help to adequately hydrate your body and keep you up and going all flu season long.
  3. Get The Flu Shot: Although it is not 100% effective, a flu shot is a great preventative measure suggested by the CDC, especially if you are considered a ‘high-risk person.’ High-risk people as defined by the CDC include: young children, pregnant women, those with asthma, diabetes, or other health complications, those over 65, and those caring for babies under six months of age.
  4. Take Your Vitamins: Unfortunately, most of us are past the stage of the iconic Flinstone Vitamin, but taking your vitamins is still crucial to keeping up your immune systems and keeping away nasty bugs and viruses. If you want to get the most bang for your buck when taking vitamins, IV fluid for flu is a highly effective way to get vitamins into your body without waste.
  5. Limit Exposure: Though it is hard to do, minimizing your exposure to big groups and those you know are sick is a key component in keeping you healthy.

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