What Is Hydration Therapy and Why is it Important?

iv hydration therapy in patients arm

Hydration Therapy is a unique treatment that administers electrolyte-packed IV fluids directly into a patient’s bloodstream. Depending on the patient’s needs, the fluid may be enhanced with additives such as calcium, magnesium sulfate or a Vitamin B complex. It is a far more efficient method of absorption when compared to the traditional method of drinking liquids/electrolytes.

Because the IV bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, your body can more quickly absorb the infusion, which means that you will be on your way to feeling better in no time.

At Recovery Hydration Therapy, we employ only experienced, board-certified medical professionals, so you can rest assured that someone you can trust will administer your hydration therapy treatment and it will be safe and effective.

Owned by two board-certified physicians with a combined 30 years of medical experience, Recovery Hydration Therapy is your ultimate source for legitimate hydration therapy. We are more than happy to answer your questions about the process.

Why Is Hydration Therapy Important?

Although the human body is an extremely efficient machine, there are situations in which it needs extra support to run in its optimum state. Hydration therapy provides that support and returns your body to a state of health and balance in a treatment that takes less than an hour.

For example, many people have had the terrible experience of waking up after a fun night of overindulging and realizing that they have a terrible hangover. One option is to suffer for the entire day and let the hangover run its natural course. However, with hydration therapy, you can be back on your feet in no time.

The IV hydration will replace lost volume beyond what you can do simply by drinking fluids. At Recovery Hydration Therapy, our hangover cure combines fluids with anti-inflammatory medication, anti-nausea ingredients, and vitamins to provide the ultimate relief.

Another situation in which hydration therapy is important is when you are combating the flu or a cold. We all know that being ill can make it difficult to keep fluids down, but being dehydrated only increases your recovery time. Our mixture of fluids, medicine, vitamins and minerals will help you fight the illness in record time.

How Do You Book a Session?

Booking a hydration therapy session with Recovery Hydration Therapy couldn’t be simpler. Simply use our online appointment system to instantly book your session. We will come to your location, and we serve most of the greater KC area. Also, you can try our services at one of the many concerts and events we attend. Check out our upcoming events to see where you can catch us next and get yourself hooked on the incredible benefits of hydration therapy.