Group Discounts

couple staying hydrated together after workout

If you believe the adage “some is good, but more is better” then you’re probably familiar with our Hangover Recovery packages! Paying less can be great, and everything is better when it’s with a group. Gather your friends, family, co-workers, teammates, and anyone who strives to feel their best, and enjoy our hydration therapy discounts for groups. Whether your gang is at a hotel, catering hall, stadium, office or home, IV fluids in Kansas City are just a few clicks away.

Group Hangover Prevention and Treatment

Any situation where you find a group of people sharing a significant amount of alcohol, you’re guaranteed to need hydration (and a large amount of it!) Enjoy hydration therapy before a long night out and ward off a potential hangover by keeping yourself healthy. If it’s already the next day, no worries! Just schedule Hangover Therapy treatment for you and your friends, and we can fix you up for another round of fun. Some events where group Hangover Therapy comes in handy (before and after) are:

  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
  • Parties
  • Big games
  • College graduation
  • Outdoor music festivals (especially in the summertime!)
  • Bachelor or bachelorette parties
  • Saturday nights 😉

Workplace Hydration Therapy For Groups

Group hydration therapy can be a great perk to offer your employees! IV fluid therapy can ward off illness while bolstering productivity in your workplace. If you notice your officemates getting sluggish, maybe they could benefit from a hangover or fatigue therapy. Staring at computer screens all day can bring on migraines; IV therapy for migraines can help with that. If your employees work outside on hot days in Kansas City, they would appreciate an hour of hydration therapy with a vitamin booster after a long day in the sun.

Hydration Therapy for Sports Performance and Recovery

This one’s a no-brainer. If your team has been working extra hard to get an edge on the competition, they deserve regular athletic performance and recovery treatments. Recovery Hydration Therapy will help your team or workout buddies recoup after practice, preventing cramping, replenishing electrolytes and keeping them performing at their very best. Group hydration therapy is appropriate for:

  • Championship run-ups
  • Practice on excessively hot days
  • Before or after a game/tournament
  • Before or after cross-fit sessions
  • During study/film sessions
  • Before and after a big race
  • When they deserve it!

These are just some of the situations you can count on Recovery Hydration Therapy to keep your group feeling in tip-top shape. Contact us for more information and to schedule a group hydration therapy for you and the people you care for.

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