Jetlag Hydration IV Therapy in Kansas City- $165

man sitting in front of laptop rubbing eyes from fatigue and jetlag

Even the most seasoned of road warriors eventually falls victim to jetlag. Moving across several time zones is something our bodies just aren’t built for, and its circadian rhythm can take a while to adjust. This can cause a loss of sleep, resulting in a series of physical and mental symptoms. The further you travel, the worse it can get.

Jetlag may be temporary, but it can significantly reduce your productivity, your comfort, and depending on how long it lasts, it could also negatively affect your health. If you’re experiencing any symptoms of jetlag, you could benefit greatly from Jetlag IV Treatment from Kansas City’s finest hydration treatment center, Recovery Hydration Therapy. Jetlag symptoms include:

  • Disturbed sleep (such as early waking, insomnia or excessive sleepiness)
  • Daytime fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating or functioning at your usual level
  • Stomach problems, constipation or diarrhea
  • Mood changes
  • A general feeling of being unwell

Recover From Jetlag

Recovery Hydration Therapy’s exclusive Jetlag Relief Therapy will have you back to your normal routine and feel spunky in no time! Whether you’re recovering from a dream vacation, you’re on the road for work, or you’re a pilot or flight attendant that needs a boost, our blend of minerals, vitamins, and necessary metabolites will soothe your jetlag and return your body to it’s rested and energetic state.

Jetlag IV Treatment Minutes From the Airport

We deliver IV treatments to weary travelers all around Kansas City International Airport as well as Kansas City Downtown Airport. Whether you’re at your hotel, home or workplace, we can send a board certified hydration specialist to help you recover from jetlag in no time. We also deliver jetlag relief to the Kansas City region and its surrounding areas.

Fatigue Treatments

You don’t need to travel to get tired! Long workdays, sleepless nights and depression can all lead to extreme fatigue. A balanced diet and plenty of exercises can bring up energy levels over time, but for faster results, a 1-hour IV treatment is required. Our hydration specialist will work with you on tailoring a treatment that will hydrate you fully and replenish any vitamins or minerals you may be missing. Recovery Hydration Therapy will give you fatigue relief in Kansas City and help you recover from fatigue promptly!

Recover Today!

Get back on your feet today with a Recovery Hydration Therapy IV treatment. First-time patients are eligible for New Patient Special. Book now to enjoy a discount on your first jetlag hydration treatment or fatigue relief treatment in Kansas City.